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About Us

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brown tree log

We are a team of seasoned trainers, facilitators and sales coaches with credentials

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Why choose Eagle Learning as your learning partner?

Our five strengths since 1996;

1. Participant's engagement: Encouraging and involving every participant, relevance and depth of debriefing after every activity ensures the desired long-term retention and imbibition of learning, which sets us apart.

2. Committed to professional approach: We emphasise encouraging aspirants to enhance their competencies. We offer realistic and progressive thought triggers.

3. Personalized feedback: Our seasoned and experienced facilitators guide every individual with wholesome feedback at the end of each task to enhance their strengths and work on improvement areas. (P.S. This is done as per requirement)

4. State-of-the-art activities/ infrastructure and use of scientific methodologies to assist participants in overcoming their limiting beliefs, achieving clarity in life and reaching their desired potential/ goal.

5. Sense of humour, alternate thought process and childlike thought process in whatever we do: Every individual is unique, and we encourage out-of-the-box thinking and alternate approaches to navigating challenges. We encourage being spiritual and trusting higher powers as the foundation of everything.

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closeup photo of brown leaf near brown wooden frame

We are thrilled you're here, Warm Regards

Co-Founder: Prabhjot Singh Sood (India-Chandigarh/Gurugram):

Advisor: Nasser Ali Abdul Latif (India-Mumbai):

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Co-Founder and Advisor Eagle Learning

Prabhjot Singh Sood, Nasser Ali Abdul Latif

Our operations span; Pan India, UAE-Dubai, Africa, UK

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Listening to your feedback and reading your comments makes me very happy. Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or information, or to request a quote. I will get back to you shortly. Remember that you can also follow me on my social networks or write to my email: PrabhjotSood@Gmail.Com

Mobile : +91 9653-422-055