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Venus Factor: Signature Bespoke Workshop Curated and Facilitated Exclusively for Passenger Vehicle Sales and Luxury Retail

by Prabhjot Singh Sood; Co-Founder of Eagle Learning

Do you know women influence 80% of high-ticket item purchase

Signature Workshop: Venus Factor in Major Purchase Decision-Making

Researched, refined and curated over 2 decades

Concept validated at Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagon and implemented extensively for dealer workforce in India at Morris Garage, Ford, General Motors, Skoda, MSIL, Nexa and luxury retail (Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Pantaloon, Decathlon)

Why this workshop?

1. Do you want to be a gender-appealing “Venus” customer-centric, engaging retail professional?

2. Do you want to increase the sales conversion ratio and improve customer retention?

3. Do you want to learn; how and why; Women shop and Men buy?

CEOs and marketing leaders do immense research for all aspects of conceptualization of products/services & thoughtfully design all communication campaigns, however

4. Attrition remains high in the frontline sales and sales support team, especially amongst high-performing women.

5. Companies struggle to generate desired interest; quality tele-enquiries and walk-ins after initial euphoria.

6. Sales professionals struggle to engage and convince the prospect; the conversion rate of buyers shows a declining trend and target achievement falls short of expectations.

The thought process behind this workshop

God has created women and men differently to complement each other. Their brain wiring, thought process, interpretation, assimilation & application of information is uniquely different. They have different engagement buttons & emotional needs.
This workshop assists participants in interpreting how women & men think, what are their gender stereotype ignorance, how buyers perceive them & empower themselves to overcome the barriers. Participants are encouraged to appreciate the importance of gender differences & strengths thereof.....

How do you leverage this new-found knowledge?

We will empower you;

1. How to express yourself, the “Venus” gender appealing way

2. Understand differences in human behaviour, these are natural & normal

3. How to be happier in your personal & professional relations

4. How at the workplace, women & men can appreciate each other strengths & get inspired

5. How to demonstrate/explain products/services to women & men, to get favourable response

Below are Images of participants learning of intensive 7 days and 14 days training induction sessions for luxury retail frontline staff: Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Home Shop, Decathlon, Pantaloon

five assorted paintings on easels
five assorted paintings on easels

Gender Science Powers This Workshop?

God has created Man and Woman differently to complement each other. Their brain wiring, thought process, interpretation, assimilation & application of information is uniquely different. They have different happiness engagement buttons & emotional needs

If you are in relation or business and can understand & appreciate the gender-based thought process of your companion, associates, employees & prospects; you will be happier, and more productive.

The happiness and productivity of people in the workplace have immense benefits, long-term benefits cannot be elucidated in a single page. Participants are empowered to interpret how women & men think, and common gender stereotype perceptions & overcome these barriers.

Let's use emotion & logic in a balanced way. Reflect, contemplate and appreciate the importance of differences as created by God and alternate thought processes thereof for happy living.

Co-Founder Prabhjot'Singh Sood's thought trigger, how this workshop came into existence

During my corporate career spanning over three decades, in teams where Men-Women worked together, it was natural they developed an affinity for each other and often fell in love. Sometimes they felt another way about a person/situation and expected emotional distancing. They faced challenges communicating and expressing their thoughts and feelings with the opposite gender. Often their misinterpretations resulted in unintended consequences. I thought let's help them navigate the differences.

As word of mouth spread, slowly but steadily, senior women-men in the leadership team, our clients, my friends, their network, dating youngsters, and couples actively started to seek my help for solutions to their relationship challenges.

All of them longed for the deep desire to reclaim forgotten happiness, earn respect/acceptance from the opposite gender, create desired vibes at home, and rekindle harmony, passion, love and romance in their married life.

When there is happiness in the home, you shall find peace in this world

Ghar Sukh Baseya, Jag Sukh Paya (Original Concept by the Founder of Sikhism, Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji) 

God has helped me author two books, complimentary downloads for the benefit of humanity and human race propagation. Higher Spiritual Powers always be with you and guide you in navigating the quagmire of relations

Key Takeaways:

A. Learn with fun, how to communicate with the opposite gender & respond appropriately

B. Recognize your gender stereotype ignorance. How at the workplace, women & men can appreciate each other strengths & get inspired

C. Nurture relations to embrace failures & overcome fear of managing risk/ uncertainties of life

D. Demonstrate ways to implement learning at home and workplace to cherish a blissful life

E. Appreciate differences in human behaviour; these are natural & normal. Use humour to navigate the challenges

It's going to work like this
Introduction form

We are going to take advantage of this one-hour session minute by minute, so we will ask you to fill out an introduction form (TNI/TNA) prior to our meeting. This way we will know how to best guide you.

Video call

During the call, we listen to you and advise you about the things you must improve, what tools you need and how you can optimize your processes to improve the engagement with your prospects and increase sales.