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Gamification of Learning: Automobile Sales Process: Business Simulation

white red yellow and blue game board
white red yellow and blue game board

Learn the sales process journey in an interactive fun way, with typical scenarios. Learners get instant feedback and a complete coaching experience of engaging with the customer profile(s)

love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man
love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man

Why Gamification of Learning and Business Simulation?

Sales Gamification Ecosystem; Automated, Immersive, and Rooted in Reality; because when learning is fun and interactive, it's long-lasting

Gamification of learning is a powerful training approach that integrates game elements and mechanics into the learning process. By incorporating elements; such as challenges, rewards, levels, and leaderboards; gamification transforms traditional training into an engaging and interactive experience. It motivates and encourages learners to actively participate, collaborate, and take ownership of their learning journey.

Using gamification, we make complex concepts easy to comprehend, make them more accessible, enhance creativity, foster problem-solving skills and promote critical thinking. Delivering immediate feedback, allows learners to track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Benefit 1: Proposing the right solution

Customers have different profiles and varied needs, so the salesperson must understand the need in-depth and propose the correct feature-benefit to keep the prospect engaged. Practising diagnosis of the customer needs and solutions builds more agility in the salesperson to improvise in the real world.

Benefit 3: Automobile FABing Championship

Build the rigour of being brilliant at basics. This design helps the salesperson get clarity about product features and the right phrases to use while communicating its value to the prospect.

Benefit 4: Gamify the Performance

Integrate the real performance data like sales reports, and KPI achievement into the system and gamify performance. Reward achievement regularly on automated mode, and create a true recognition system to appreciate the best performers.

Benefit 5: Calculate Training Impact and ROI with Ease

Link training scores to actual achievement, and find triggers to improve training impact. Calculate the ROI of sales training easily

Benefit 2: Leverage Gamification to rekindle the fire in your Sales team

Create a sustainable culture of consistent achievement with a true and transparent reward and recognition system, that builds trust and rekindles intrinsic motivation and healthy competition to achieve best results.