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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why do you do TNI?

Response: Meaningful intervention leads to productive results, This helps in the clarity, context setting and prioritization of what is expected from us.

Question 2: How do you do TNI/TNA?

Response: A small basic information-seeking document is to be filled beforehand by HR or the department head followed by a telephonic, video call with 3-4 key stakeholders and a few intended participants of the targetted audience

Question 3: How do you measure training effectiveness?

Response: We do post-training feedback and assessment immediately after the session. We also create videos of learning recaps of the maximum number of participants. We also click images of participants writing in their workbooks. Measuring sales productivity ratios, CSI, BSC give indication

Question 4: What steps do you take to maximise retention of learning and implementation of the action plan?

Response: The workbook includes a perforated tear sheet of self-action plans and learnings. This is to be filled, the image clicked and shared. Besides as per budget we also give customised gifts to reinforce the training theme. WhatsApp app group is created to exchange and share best practices; coaching to reinforce learning is done to ensure retention, and implementation thereby building upon strengths, and excellence as a culture

Question 5: How do you price your offering?

Response: Factors considered while offering the quote

  1. Is it generic training/ workshops? Audience segment

  2. Experience and qualification of trainer/facilitator

  3. Extent of content customisation, Bespoke is priced high

  4. The pricing varies from INR 1100/- to 5500/- per participant, subject to a minimum of 17 participants as a trainer cost. Props, consumables, printing, travel extra

  5. Coaching is priced per session or person. We also place temporary Dronacharya/ IDT (Internal Dealer Trainer) at dealer premises

Question 6: Do you offer automobile online training and costing?

Response: Yes we also offer online training, the cost is usually INR 8000/- to 17,000/- per day. 

Question 7: Do you offer online business simulation and costing?

Response: Yes we do, the cost varies from INR 800/- to 4500/- per participant. Minimum 14 participants

Question 8: How do you price signature workshops?

Response: Our Co-Founder or a senior facilitator, facilitates Signature workshops. The cost varies from INR 50,000/- to 80,000/- by a Co-Founder. If it's a senior facilitator, the cost ranges from INR 35,000/- to 50,000/- per session as a facilitation fee. Travel, gifts, workbook, misc as per actuals

Question 9: What's the cost of gamification /LMS/digitalisation?

Response: Minimum INR 800/- per user per annum for plain vanilla offering. Final cost after understanding the scope of work.

Question 10: What's complimentary in your offerings?

Response: Currently, my books are free to download for a limited time. Online diagnostics, TNI, TNA and one visit at your retail outlet, service workshop, factory, or office premises are complimentary. (P.S. Visit subject to trainer's availability). Our specialisation remains; in automobile retail, automobile services, manufacturing, white goods, and consumer durables.

Question 11: What is IMPACT: sales coaching?

Response: Building upon strengths, ensure marked improvement in productivity per person. The process is divided into IVE-ideal visible effects, 3 point rating for a IVE

Question 12: Do you facilitate Behavioural Workshops?

Response: Yes, a few workshops are; Goal Setting, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Win-Win Negotiations, Developmental Feedback, Gender strengths, Team Trust, Team Building, Communication Skills, Resilience, Adventures in Attitudes, Creativity, Profitability

Question 13: Do you offer Trainer/Coach on your rolls?

Response: Yes, we also offer temp staffing of IDT-Internal Dealer Trainer/coach on a project basis on our rolls

Question 14: Do you offer recruitment (Sr. Executive) and TTT ?

Response: Yes, we offer talent hunt services TTT Train The Trainer and TTF Trainer to Facilitator are our forte

What's so special about Eagle Learning

Our Strength Lies in the Participant's Engagement and Empowering Through New Realisations

We are a team of seasoned trainers, facilitators and sales performance coaches with credentials

What sets us apart; is the relevance and depth of debriefing after every activity. Self-action plans by participants ensure the desired long term retention and imbibtion of learning.

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Let's Connect

Listening to your feedback and reading your comments makes me very happy. Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or information, or to request a quote. I will get back to you shortly. Remember that you can also follow me on my social networks or write to my email: PrabhjotSood@Gmail.Com

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